Changing server hardware, moving nagios?


We have a server that is only running nagios service now. My task is to transfer the nagios service so its still operational but on different hardware so the server can be formatted and redeployed.

I started picking up nagios mid last week. The production server is currently running 2.6. I installed nagios on a temp PC that I hope to switch over to production. Then we can shut down the server and have the PC take over temporarily. I had a few questions after reading and messing around trying to figure out how they set up the operational nagios server.

I installed 3.0.3 on the PC and thats probably what we will end up installing on the production server once redeployed. I just copied the config files from the 2.6 server over to 3.0.3 server. Then I messed around linking things that were causing errors. After checking to make sure the configure files were working I copied over the web icons and files.

The localhost which use to be all green changed and HTTP, PING, SSH went critical. Its saying a plugin may be missing. What I dont get is why would those change with out me editing the cfg files?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,