check_asteriks plugin returns NULL


I am using the check_asterisk pluing that is found here

When executing this script from bash it works like a charm

[root@watcher2 libexec]# ./check_asterisk -U sip:1111@ -w 10 -c 50 SIP OK - Test Duration: 2.19 ms

[code]I created the command

define command {

command_name                   check_asterisk

command_line                   $USER1$/check_asterisk -U $ARG1$ -P $ARG2$ -w 100 -c 500


and then i created the service

[code]define service{

    use                             generic-service

    host_name                       TVoIP1

    service_description             check_sip_asterisk

    display_name                    check for SIP on astersk

    check_command                   check_asterisk!sip:1111@!5060


This gives me critical alert on nagios with a status information of ‘null’

I tried executing the check_asterisk from bash as user nagios and got
the following

[nagios@watcher2 libexec]$ ./check_asterisk -U sip:1111@ -w 10 -c 20 warning: need raw socket (root privileges) to receive all ICMP errors SIP OK - Test Duration: 0.53 ms

The check_asteisk plugin uses sipsak, could this have anything to do
with this? Any comments appreciated.