check_clamd expecting a command?


I’m trying to set up check_clamd with Nagios to check that clamav is running and that it’s db is up to date.
Following the help info for check_clamd I have it connecting but the response I get is:

I have set a warning value of 1440 seconds and a critical value of 2880 seconds. I don’t know what else to add to the command to get it working as none of the other options seem to specify a command to expect from clamav. They are about how long the connection should be open for and how to close the connection but I don’t know what command it’s expecting.

Does anyone have a working example of a check_clamd command that I can compare to mine to see what’s missing?
Any suggestions of what I might be doing wrong?

The command I’m using is:

./check_clamd -H <my_host_IP> -p <my_port> -w 1440 -c 2880 -s <my_nsclient_password> -v