Check command and plugin summary



I am a newbie with Nagios and the post was probably there before, but i searched everywhere and could not find anything.

Is there a summary for all the check commands and a summary for all the Plugins available?
I am trying to set up Nagios to Monitor all our Client Servers but don’t know what exactly can be monitored and what check command to use.
I mean check commands like “CPULOAD” and “USEDDISKSPACE” and “check_http” and "check_ftp"
I belief that these commands are all pre defined and can be used, but where can i find the summary?

Thanks heaps


in /usr/local/nagios/libexec you’ll find the plugins which compiled on your system.
or each command run it with --help and it should give all instructions you may need.

If you can’t find a plugin it possibly gave errors while compiling, check the compiling logs.