check_disk not working after shrinking Oracle datafiles



I am running the nrpe Nagios client version 2.8.1 on Soalris 10 (SPARC).

I am using the check_disk plugin to check a ZFS filesystem which contains Oracle data (datafiles).

The plugin was working fine and reporting correct values.

I have since shrunk some tablespaces in Oracle - resulting in a reduction in the size of the datafiles on the filesystem. Since this action my check_disk plugin is reporting weird values for this filesystem…

$ /opt/nagios/libexec/check_disk -w 25% -c 10% -p /opt/app/oracle/oradata
DISK CRITICAL - free space: /opt/app/oracle/oradata 9007199254740993 MB (641940258816%);| /opt/app/oracle/oradata=2252953MB;1052340;1262808;0;1403121

The values are HUGE! and also incorrect. The filesystem usage is sitting at 12%.

check_disk works fine on other ZFS filesystems on this machine.

I have unmounted and mounted the ZFS filesystem and still have this problem.

Anyone seen this or got any suggestions how I can resolve this?