check_dns: command not found


I thoght I installed the plagins correctly - and I also installed all the lib for creating the graphics. But now, I want to test my check_dns utils or other - and that is what i get:

[root libexec]# ls
check_apt check_file_age check_jabber check_ntp_peer check_simap check_users
check_breeze check_flexlm check_load check_ntp_time check_smtp check_wave
check_by_ssh check_ftp check_log check_nwstat check_snmp negate
check_clamd check_hpjd check_mailq check_oracle check_spop urlize
check_cluster check_http check_mrtg check_overcr check_ssh
check_dhcp check_icmp check_mrtgtraf check_ping check_ssmtp
check_dig check_ide_smart check_nagios check_pop check_swap
check_disk check_ifoperstatus check_nntp check_procs check_tcp
check_disk_smb check_ifstatus check_nntps check_real check_time
check_dns check_imap check_nt check_rpc check_udp
check_dummy check_ircd check_ntp check_sensors check_ups
[root libexec]# check_dns -h
bash: check_dns: command not found

Please. Could anu one explain me how to make it work ??



You need to add **./ **to the command to run it from the CLI

[root libexec]#./check_dns -h




it worked =)