Check File Pattern


Hello all,

I have been trying to get a good solution/plugin for the following issue:

In my network, a certain application uses a barcode scanner to scan barcodes and write it’s details into a file with a certain filename.
These filenames follow a certain pattern (123_abc-1a2b for instance) but sometimes it doesn’t give the file a name that is right according to the pattern (123_abc for instance).

I am trying to get a plugin, that scans the files in a folder, and reports if it doesn’t equal a certain pattern. so far i have tried several but none have been for filling my need.

Any suggestions/idea’s?

[edit]The application writes the files to a windows share[/edit]


if you can conect the sahre to a linux box you could use a shell script reading the files… :slight_smile:


Yeah i recon i can do the same with a batch script (to use with nrpe) the only thing is that i now have to get a proper batch script, i will let you know when i have managed to do this :slight_smile: