check_fileage or something else?



I need to be able to monitor a directory on a windows server that stores logs for a homegrown application.

First, I would like to be able to use a unc path to the server like \windows2003server\logs and check the share for the amount of files in the directory. If there are more that 25 files I need to send a warning alert.

Second, I need to be able to check the master log file in the same directory for the modified time. This file must be changed on a constant basis and if there isnt a change to it within 15 minutes, I need to send a warning message.

I have been able to modify some existing perl scripts to do things but this may be beyond what is currently out there.

Any ideas?




Just off the top of my head, one way might be to mount the UNC share as a partition on the nagios server, then you should be able to use both **check_file_age **and some sort of created wrapper script to analyze output of ls -1 | wc -l and warn as appropriate for the file counting check. Probably. :wink:




wow. I created a share on a test system, put some files in it and mounted it on my test nagios box.

ran the on it and it works like a charm!

Gotta love the nagios community.