Check_find_new_hosts plugin trouble


Hello everybody,

I’m having a terrible problem with the nagios plugin: check_find_new_hosts from the website.

I’ve installed the plugin in the libexec directory.

The problem is i keep getting the following error when executing the plugin: Usage: Socket::inet_ntoa(ip_address_sv) at ./check_find_new_hosts line 303.

Looking in the plugin in vi line 303 says the following: my($addr)=inet_ntoa((gethostbyname($addresses$_]))[4]);

I’ve looked over the web but can’t seem to find a sollution. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

gr. lewie


link please to the plugin and perhaps I’ll see if I have same problem.


Here’s the link of the plugin:[p_view]=275&tx_netnagext_pi1[page]=10%3A10

Many thanks ahead !!

#4 … c.php?1412
I tried it, and it didn’t work for me either.