check_ftp password problem


The person who set up our nagios system is no longer with our company. It is set up on a Linux box, and most of the time I can use Monarch to configure it. But recently someone asked if we could monitor an FTP server. After a lot of testing, I finally managed to get it to work. The problem came when we configured it for the actual server instead of the test box. The password for the ftp server contains a semicolon. Like pass;word. When I am at the command line and when I am in Monarch, I can run the check with no problem. I just enclose the password in quotes or escape the semicolon. But then when I go to the Web interface for nagios, it shows it as not working. And when I view the configuration of the commands from the web interface, it shows the password as pass…it totally cuts it off at the semicolon. I asked them if they could just change the password, but they don’t want to. Is there any way to make this work?
Thank you for your help.