Check_hpjd Plugin Not Found in libexec Folder


Hi Guys,

I am not good in uBuntu Linux. I am using uBuntu Linux 8.10 to host my Nagios ver 3.0.6 monitoring system. I would like to setup monitoring for my network printers.

According to the doucumentation, I should ensure that the check_hplj plugin (for printer) in /usr/local/nagios/libexec folder but the mentioned plugin file is not there. I continue with the configuration and reload Nagios. The monitoring screen show ping OK but for printer status it shows “Return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing.”.

The documentation says install net-snmp and net-snmp-utils if the plugin is not there. When I check Synaptic Package Manager, I have the following:

  • Nagios SNMP Plugins
  • Libsnmp Base
  • libsnmp Perl
  • Libsnmpl5
  • Snmp
  • Snmpd
  • Libnet Snmp Perl

Please guide me how to find the plugin and install the plugin and recompile Nagios. I do not want to reinstall Nagios if possible.



Hi Guys,

I found the way to make it works already.
Thanks anyway.



[quote=“saw”]Hi Guys,

I found the way to make it works already.

Can you share your solution with us, in case more people run into the problem you had? 8)