check_http plugin assistance


I am trying to use the check_http plugin to verify that the web server that runs svn is up and running. It uses LDAP for authentication into the webserver. I am trying different ways to authenticate and I am getting 401 and 403 errors.

So my command looks like this: ./check_http -H localhost -a username:Password and ./check_http -H localhost -a domain/username:Password

Any assistance would be helpful.


Well, I’m really not sure, but from the check_http --help, you’ll see:

-a, --authorization=AUTH_PAIR
Username:Password on sites with basic authentication

meaning that it will add the header:
Authozation: Basic fgfdlgjfdlgjdfg== (with the weird chain characters being your “username:Password” converted through MIME64).

I’m not sure, but I think that an LDAP authentification differs from the Basic Authozition … meaning that you won’t be able to use check_http for this purpose

but as I said: I’m not sure, so maybe someone will come up with a solution.
In the meantime, you could try to snoop/capture a communication between you and your site (by using wireshark, for example, or for mozilla) to see the headers. Then, you may be able to create your own script to monitor your server.

Sorry if that doesn’t really help, but it’s better than no answer :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply. I may just do a packet capture. If not I have the server monitored by three other data points. I may use the check zombie process through NRPE to see if httpd is hung.