check_http plugin; SSL is not available


I just ran thru the Nagios/Fedora quickstart installation process and am having a problem with the check_http plugin and SSL. I run the plugin as follows:

./check_http -H -w 10 -c 30 -t 60 -S and what comes back is as follows: Invalid option - SSL is not available

If I run the command without the -S option, it works but is not checking SSL.

I tried installing openssl before I configured and make(d) the plugins, same result.

Has anyone had this problem with Nagios 3.0b1 and the 1.4.9 plugins?


There’s an option you need to pass into configure to get SSL support compiled in, as it won’t do it by default. It’s been awhile so I can’t remember it off-hand, but if you look at the docs (or the makefile for check_http) you should see an option to enable SSL support.