Check_http respondes with service OK but Nagios thinks host



I have nagios 3.0a4 running and have setup a http_check ( check_http!-u /ss2000/ss2000dbintro42.asp -t 10 -s dbsigninx.asp ). Within the nagios web interface the status result shows ( HTTP OK HTTP/1.1 200 OK - 0.033 second response time ) yet the host shows RED (down) and I receive host down alerts.

The command runs without error from the command line. I can’t work out why this is happening, could it be a bug?




you can ping that host? i have a similar problem (i’ve open a thread about this), services are ok, but host is not accepting ping packet, so nagios think host is down.



I have now established that my problem is due to the firewall rules and have rectified the issue. I still don’t understand why the service responds OK but Host is down.

Can you PING the box from the Nagios console?


no, i can’t. Services are ok, they are working without any problem, and nagios report they are running.
But Nagios think host is down because that host have icmp disabled for security reason and Nagios uses ping to check if host is alive.



Just remove the PING check from your cfg file (localhost.cfg, windows.cfg etc) for that host. You don’t have to PING check every service, if all your other checks are OK the host will report as up once the PING check is removed.