Check Interval based on time of day?


I’m currently checking the state of a group of hosts based on a 10min interval (check_interval 6 and retry_interval 4) before sending a host down notification. Currently this operates 24x7. I was recently asked if the system can be configured to only send host down notifications if a host has been down longer than an hour during the overnight hours, but maintain the current 10 min interval during normal business hours.

Is there a way to change the check interval based on time of day or a way to configure the notifications to do what is described above?



use a template and redefine twice using timeperiods.


I’m sorry. I’m confused. I didn’t think you could define 2 different host templates with the same name. Or are you saying have 2 separately named host templates – one for work hours and one for after hours, then apply both templates to the actual host? Thanks.


i think this time i typed the answer before thinking…

could be intersting trying if a double inheritance from two templates with only the different timeperiods and notification behaviours works.
if not you could use two contacts for each user… onw with the 10 minutes and one with the 1 hour notifications. that wouldn’t bring “panic” into the web interface.


Hmm. Tried applying 2 differently named host templates to the host. Templates were the same with the exception of the check interval and the time period. Built it so one template should have been active for a hour and the other for the remainder of the day. The pre-flight check didn’t complain that a host had 2 templates assigned to it, but when put into production the system only used the first one and ignored the other. Back to the drawing board… :roll:


back to the 2 different contacts with different timepriods and different notification intervals…