check_mrtgtraf averages



I have a quick question about the averages produced by the check_mrtgtraf plugin that I’m hoping someone will be able to help shed some light on.

I’m running Nagios ver. 3.2.1 and Nagios plugins ver. 1.4.14. Nagios appears to be using the plugin correctly (it shows an “OK” status and gives me the average “In” and “Out” values). However, the values are very different than the averages I see when looking at the MRTG HTML page for the specific interface.

In a nutshell, if someone (e.g. pointy-haired boss) looked at MRTG and then Nagios and asked me why the values are different, how would I go about explaining it to them? Or is it expected that the values would be off? If that’s the case, is there an acceptable range in which I should expect this, such as it could always be off by up to x number of bits per second? Thanks in advance.


the plugin help switch should give some info… doesn’t it?


Thanks for the response. The help switch just tells me that I can set the aggregation to either AVG or MAX, but doesn’t really say how it arrives at those values. I did notice that it mentions that “The calculated i/o rates are a little off from what MRTG actually reports”. I guess it would be nice to have “a little off” quantified into a range based on what others using the plugin have seen in their environments.


nothing left than wait for anybody using it :slight_smile: