check_mysql plugin


I have question regarding ‘check_mysql’ plugin. Is there any way so it will read the password from ‘my.cnf’ file instead of using ‘-p’ option in the command?


Considering that the helpfile says explicitely:

I suspect you haven’t tried very hard… :slight_smile:

is the my.cnf file in the nagios home ?

not that it would be more secure in any case…

EDIT: Ok disregard the last one, it would avoid having the password readbale in the nagios console through the configuration page. :slight_smile:

EDIT2: anyway this might help: … 17198.html


Thank for reply.

Could you tell me what is the recommended method of monitoring services on the remote hosts.

I’m using “nrpe” agent at the moment but I’m wondering if “check_by_ssh -C '/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_disk /” will be more secure?

Does the “nrpe” agent using any encryption?

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