check_nrpe: floating point exception


Hi all!

I’m a new user to Nagios, my company has been using another monitoring tool but wants to try Nagios out. I’ve been an user long time ago, but never an admin, so I’m a total newbie.

I’ve installed Nagios 3.1.2 in a RedHat 5 server with plugins 1.4.13. Now I’m moving to the servers to be monitored, installing nrpe. I’ve got it running in 6 Linux servers. Now when I come across this one, something different happens:

# ./check_nrpe -n -H localhost Floating point exception

It is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4. Nrpe is version 2.12. In order to install it, just like I did on every other server, I used a zip file with the source and followed the instructions (configure, make all, make install …). I’ve added nrpe to /etc/services and the ip of the Nagios server is in /etc/xinitd.d/nrpe file. The files have the right permissions (nagios.nagios). Openssl and openssl-devel are installed.

I’ve got no idea what else to check. Googling I’ve found no solution, and searching this forum I came across a topic that I didn’t understand: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=3617&p=13206&hilit=exception#p13206

Any help will be kindly appreciated.




Long time no see…

The answer was to recompile the plugins in the server giving the problem instead of copying them from another server.