check_nrpe - monitor memory usage on windows server


Hello everybody

I’m stuck. I’m running Nagios on Fedora and I’ve installed (and configured) NSClient++ on my Windows 2003 server.

I would like to monitor the memory usage of this server.

This is what I found in the provided documentation:

[quote]Sample Command:
CheckMEM MaxWarn=80% MaxCrit=90% ShowAll type=physical
OK: OK: physical: 758M (795205632B)

Nagios Configuration:
define command {
command_name <>
command_line check_nrpe -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p 5666 -c CheckMEM -a MaxWarn=$ARG1$% MaxCrit=$ARG2$% }
<> 80!90

From Commandline (with NRPE):
check_nrpe -H IP -p 5666 -c CheckMEM -a MaxWarn=80% MaxCrit=90% ShowAll type=physical[/quote]

Now when I run the “check_nrpe -H IP -p 5666 -c CheckMEM -a MaxWarn=80% MaxCrit=90% ShowAll type=physical” command from my Fedora server’s command line it works fine.

However, the “define command” bits don’t work. Nagios isn’t happy with the code provided above.

Has anyone else been successful in getting this working?

Many thanks