CHECK_NRPE: No output returned from daemon


I have the most strange problem.
I am running a RAID check script which I wrote myself.
This is running on approximately 100 servers, for some reason I get “CHECK_NRPE: No output returned from daemon” from about 7 servers.
They are running the exact same setup of nagios-nrpe-server and the exact same script.

My first thought was that I would have something to do with the script, but I dont think it is.
Because the script works fine on other servers with the same raid controller and everything else the same.

Anyone has any ideas of what it could be?



I’ve caught that response a few times.

In each case I had to;
Verify that the nrpe.cfg file was correct - check the syslogs and check for messages about an error in nrpe.cfg.
On Linux servers the nrpe.cfg goes in /usr/local/nagios/etc. On Solaris servers I had to put a sym link in /usr/local/nagios.

Since your script is working on other servers ok try to find the commonality of the servers it’s not working on - OS, rev level, patch level, etc.

Good luck.