check_procs for multiple processes


I want to monitor a whole list of processes with one check_procs test. I don’t see the correct syntax for how to do it. If I try to pass more than one parameter to the -C option, only the first one gets listed. Is there a way to do it, or another plugin that does it? I want to avoid having a service for each process I want to monitor.

By the way, the plugin for NT does this natively!


This is how mine is currently set

Service definition

define service{
use services ; Name of service template to use

host_name			Wireless
service_description		Check NT Process
is_volatile			0
check_period			24x7
max_check_attempts		3
normal_check_interval		5
retry_check_interval		1
contact_groups			nt-admins
notification_interval		120
notification_period		24x7
notification_options		w,u,c,r
check_command			check_nt_process!packclus.exe

if you want to do more than one process you can use

check_command check_nt_process!proc1.exe,proc2.exe,proc3.exe



Sorry for the delay, but I am trying to do this on a Linux host. The NT hosts already behave this way. On linux, I want to check for postfix, courier-imap, squid, and apache to be running (in one test) and for the test to fail if any of them are not running. I want to avoid having a separate test for each. I realize that I can check all of these remotely, but would like to also have a test for whether the process itself is running.


On every linux, Solaris, etc type of host that I check, I install a mini nagios setup and pass the data to the central nagios server as passive checks. On these boxes I have defined over 30 process checks, and yes, every one is ONE definition. It’s not real hard since I just copy/paste and edit the one small piece.