Check_snmp_int issue

Hey !I am back with a second issue .

I try to monitor my interfaces using check_snmp_int . But i get the status down for the unconnected interfaces ( don’t tell me to don’t monitor the unconnected interfaces , because i monitor a big number of equipments on different places, and If some one is connected to the inerface later, the interface will not be monitored ) . There is a solution to have the status up for the unconnected interfaces please?

a second issue :

I monitor a big number ofinterfaces on an equipement, but i start having the unknown status for interfaces are up . I think nagios sent too much queries to check all interfaces of the router, but the equipement can’t response for all the queries, that’s why i get the status unknown ( because of the non answer of the equipement ) . How can I resolve it please?

Please i need your help to advance on my project .