Hello All,

Not sure if this thread belongs in this forum or sub-forum…I am trying to tweak a snmp plugin “”. Below is a command definition for the plugin:

"$USER1$/ -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -n “$ARG1$” -C “$USER7$” -f -e -S **-B **-kq -y -w 200,400,5000,5000,5000,5000 -c 0,600,10000,10000,15000,15000 --label "

The change I made was add a **"-B" **attribute to the command definition in the check_command.cfg file . I saved and rebooted, however, I do not see the newly added attribute in the Nagios GUI. Can someone assist me why the attribute is not goin into effect in the Nagios GUI. Thanks in advance.