Hey all,

I’m kinda new to Nagios and am having issues with this particular script. If I manually run it to obtain the disk usage on one of my 2003 servers, it works fine.

When I incorporate it into Nagios, I get an email message saying “No Information Returned From Host Check”. For the life of me I can’t figure out why this is occuring.

Does anybody have any ideas?



well, maybe I’m wrong, but usually, when there’s a difference between running manually a script and nagios running the script, it comes from one of the two problems:

  • “working directory”: when you run manually the script, you’re in the directory of the script; whereas, when nagios runs the scripts … it runs it from another directory (don’t ask me which, I realize now that I don’t know :)). Anyway, all the relatives paths will fail because of that.
    So try to only put absolute path
    ie: prefere /var/nagios/bin/my_dir_to_be_checked instead of …/nagios/my_dir_to_be_checked

-the other source of problems may be the rights on the script … but it is usually easy to detect/troubleshoot; just have a quick look at that :slight_smile:

I hope it helps you; if not, don’t hesitate to rephrase your question :slight_smile: