Check_snmp Vs. FibreChannel counters


I’m trying to monitor the throughput on a FibreChannel switch (a QLogic SanBox 5200) and I’m running into a problem I don’t know how to solve.

I can query the right OID and I get the counter, but all the port statistics return octet strings, and not Counter32 or Counter64. I can query it with snmpget or even check_snmp and it returns values that increase over time, at about the rate that I would expect, so it’s the data I’m looking to collect. But when I try to enable the rate option in check_snmp, it always calculates the rate as zero (maybe because the first octet is always zeros so far).

I’ve looked through the docs, and the only OIDs that look like they give the FC port statistics are in the Fibre Alliance MIB, and they all return Octet String as the data type. (it’s in the Port Statistics table)

Is there some way to get check_snmp to calculate a rate with Octet String datatypes, or perhaps some other workaround?