i am compiling and installing nagios plugins ver 1.4.13. …

in my /usr/local/nagios/libexec/ dir all plugins are available except “check_snmp

in my device status information of switch i found this message " (Return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing) "

i tried it for ver 1.4.9 also but no use … any help and suggestion??

if somone has that compiled file kindly send it to me so that i place it in my required directory

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this post is not useful for me … as i have already done with such things … i.e net-snmp already installed …

kindly help


We can’t just ‘send you the file’ as your distribution will have different paths to resources used by the plugins. That is why you need to compile them on your own server. The configure script should be telling you what the problem is, and I would guess that it can’t find your net-snmp installation, or more specifically the snmpget and snmpgetnext command within.

Try running ./configure with all the switches you normally require, as well as including the following with the appropriate arguments:

--with-snmpget-command=PATH Path to snmpget command --with-snmpgetnext-command=PATH Path to snmpgetnext command




ok got it … i compiled the new download with following switches

-with-snmpget-command=PATH Path to snmpget command
–with-snmpgetnext-command=PATH Path to snmpgetnext command

and i get the binary in my libexec dir …

thanks to all :smiley: