Hi All,

I have found 2 flavors of check_squid. There is the plugin that is available on nagiosexchange, which is check_squid. This basically does a check to determine if the proxy can get to a url. Then there is, a perl script that actually checks the number of file descriptors available. Whats weird is I can both to work from the command line, but cannot get either one to work from within nagios.
Services.cfg entry is check_command check_nrpe!check_squid!!-!-!3128!-!-!2,
have tried any and all variants I could think of, and have exhausted what is out on google on it.

Any help would be very welcome.



did you run it as root or user nagios by hand?


Hi jakkedup,

Thanks for the response. From the command line, they both work fine, when run as myself, root or nagios. However from within nagios, nagios reports either an error of “No output”, or “unknown response”. So not quite what is happening between how the command runs from the command live compared to how the command runs from w/i nagios. See my first post for the services.cfg entry.



So that is the command used, but what is the command definition?