I’d like to get nagios setup to montier the time on each box, I’ve been trying to get a ntp demon working but as of yet havent got it working properly.

In the meantime I’d like nagios to report the time on each box, the plugin check_time seems like it will do what I want, however it trys to go through a port 37.

yoda# ./check_time -H
Connection refused
TIME UNKNOWN - could not connect to server, port 37
yoda# ./check_time -H localhost
Connection refused
TIME UNKNOWN - could not connect to server localhost, port 37

is port 37 a ntp port its looking for?

yes, look at /etc/services and you will see that port 37 is for the timeserver.

You have to have an ntp daemon running on each machine whose time you want monitor. check_time -H then works. Make sure that firewall, etc. are not blocking the port and that the ntp daemon allows the nagios host to access it.

timeserver (port 37 UDP and TCP) is usually handled by inetd/xinetd and has nothing to do with NTP. Perhaps you need to use check_ntp instead?

inetd/xinetd is a process/network manager. It can run the ntp daemon. It doesn’t matter so much what runs the daemon, just so long as it runs.

My point was the check_time plugin - I believe - uses the timeserver protocol (port 37, handled by inetd), not the NTP protocol.