Checking RAM

I’m having trouble using the search function for this forum, which is why I’m posting here (perhaps a problem with Firefox, but I’m not sure).

I’m looking for the plugin I’d need to use to be able to check RAM. I figure it’s a local check, like check_disk and such, and I’ll be using NRPE to monitor this service on multiple hosts on our network.
Edited ] is located in your plugins source folder under contrib directory.

Yeah, but I guess I have to change something about the check, though, because it’s…well, wrong. I ran it locally and compared the results of it with top and free, and it shows that I’ve got only 7.1% of my RAM left, when in reality, I’ve got a little under 70%. I suppose it needs to be tweaked, but I’m not too familiar with perl.

Yup, you are right. I guess it was for an older version of vmstat.
If your vmstat reports the way mine does try this:
make a copy of the plugin and then modify the plugin to look like this:

Define the calculating scalars

$free_memory = $memlist[0];
$total_memory = 2074568;
$used_memory = $total_memory - $free_memory;

Just change $total_memory = to whatever you have for total memory.