Checking with NRPE


I am now starting to monitor few linux hosts and i would like to monitor all the disk below :

32G 3.2G 27G 11% /
/dev/sda1 99M 18M 77M 19% /boot
tmpfs 252M 0 252M 0% /dev/shm

and all the mounted volume.

How can i achieve with NRPE plugin, has anyone got some sample ? Aslo can i check my https site with nrpe ?



On the box on which nagios is running you need to install nrpe plugin.

On the box on which you want to monitor the disk, you need to install nrpe plugin. daemon and daemon-config.For more detail follow NPRE documentation in




NPRE is configured in both client and server. I can monitor check_users, check_load on those linux host from nagios server. I just would like to know how to monitor over hard drives. Do you have service example ?



The command check_disk is included by default in the nrpe.cfg, it’s works very well to monitor space disk no?