Clarification required on downtime



Nagios version 2.5

It’s my first post on the forums here and I have read through the previous 20 or so pages of posts and cannot clarify an issue:

I have a series of servers that go down for back-up periods overnight. Obviously I would like to suspend monitoring on these servers during these down-times. I initially looked at the Scheduled Downtime option but quickly saw that I would have to schedule the same periods everyday, I have 36 servers, this would be painful and open to mistakes. I really wish there was a simple option to repeat scheduled downtimes automatically.

Anyhow, I read in these forums that a work around is to set individual timeperiods for each host, and to leave gaps where the scheduled backups occur. This works (I think) but Nagios seems to be still reporting on the services associated with these hosts being down during these times.

At the moment I need some clarification on whether setting unique timeperiods for hosts will actually stop their associated services being reported on also? And if so, do I have to setup unique timeperiods for each service also? Is there a better way than the approach I am taking?

Sorry if this has been covered, I have read through the threads but found nothing definitive.



Well, you have to define check_period and notification_period in every host or service definition anyway. So changing these shouldn’t be the problem.

And you should define those in every associated service, cause every service, like every host, has these options I’ve mentioned before.