Compile error any suggestion


I brought this issue up a while ago and kinda shelved the project but now I’m comming back to it. I’m running 1.2 and when I try to compile the extended host information config I keep getting the following error.

Error: Invalid object definition type ‘hostextinfo’ in file ‘/etc/nagios/exthostinfo.cfg’ on line 14.

I created the config just as jakkedup suggested and I’m not sure what else to do. From the looks of it it seems like this version might not support it. I dunno though.

Thanks in advance


What is on line 14 that is an invalid object defintition?
Compare that with valid definitions found in the v1.x docs.


as you suggested last time. I only have one thing in there and it’s below

define hostextinfo {
host_name dmorrison-server
icon_image unknown.png
2d_coords 2370, 1025

line 14 is the define hostextinfo


This is a rpm install or something? Get the source code for v1.x and try that. YOur hostextinfo looks fine to me.