Computer saying limited or no connectivity

Hi Guys.

I have a HP Compact S5200UK Tower which I have just rebuilt as it is needing to be introduced to a peer to peer network of 6 computers at work.
I have loaded Windows XP onto this unit and now would like to update the computer via windows update in preparation for this.
After going to the HP website I found the original drivers and installed what I believed to be the correct network driver “NVidia nForce MCP Neworking Controller”. I now find that I cant get onto the internet and that I get the message “this computer has limited or no connectivity which could effect your connection to other computers on the Network or with the ability to get on the net”.
The computer does not seem to be able to generate a proper IP address and seems to be given a 162 number which is a random temp number when your computer cannot connect to the DHCP Host. I have tried to ping other computers and I cant. I have pinged my Network card and got a reply which indicates that it is ok, and I have also checked in device manager and there does not seem to be any issues.
I have also been on the phone to ISP for numerous hours all to no avail as their is not a problem with their connection as I have a lap-top connecting via wireless which also works fine when I plug in the Ethernet. Am now running out of ideas???


Dear owenkkkk,

It is very simple to remove that warning. Infact that is not the BIG problem. Just click on the Local Area Connection from control panel->network connections and then click for properties and then disable your required option from the general tab. Thats all. The same process follows for all windows based OS.


Dear frens,

I have recently planned to monitor windows machine and i have successfully installed NSClient++ for this. My every configuration seems fine except i didnt see the systray icon though i have executed the command exactly. My remote machine is runs windows7. I have blocked ICMP in this machine and received no error in nagios configurations. The final result from nagios server i have received is:

CRITICAL - Socket timeout after 10 seconds

Expecting immediate response…