CONFIG ERROR! Restart aborted. Check your Nagios configura


Good day,
I’m quite new to Nagios, and I think I encountered a stumbling block. (I puttyd to the destination)
I was editing the switch.config file located in the /usr/local/nagios2/etc/objects directory, adding/defining hosts and doing the corresponding copy and paste into the service definitions.
I entered quite a few without any problems, with the service nagios restart cmd going through nicely.

I then entered 3 more using the same procedure and it was then I got the problems, upon trying to restart I got the error stated in the subject, so naturally I retraced my steps, I commented out the hosts I defined and removed the entries from the service definitions thinking it work bring me back to the last working state… it didn’t. I then removed the hosts completely and this still did not work.

I ran nagios -v switch.cfg in the above directory and got the result:

Reading configuration data…
Error in configuration file ‘/usr/local/nagios2/etc/objects/switch.cfg’ - Line 24 (NULL value)
Error processing main config file!

It’s a very large database, so i was wondering if there was anyway/command to pin point where the error might be
I suspect it might just be an extra space or a character out of place… Please help me :expressionless:


if you don’t post the files there’s little help whcih might arrive…
check line 24 in switch.cfg first off… and see what’s there… maybe you opened a { and never closed it… or something like that.