Configuration error


hi everyone…
my nagios installation was “COMPLETELY” based on Ubuntu Quickstart documentation.
i have it running now, monitoring “ONLY” localhost.
now, i am configuring it to monitor other WINDOWS BOX HOST.
bu when i get to the part" uncommenting the windows.cfg" file to ENABLE
the WINDOWS MONITORING, i get the “NAGIOS CONFIGURATION ERROR”, though i am still not “TOUCHING” the "windows.cfg"file.
im using NSClient++ to monitor winmachines.
yur help is greatly appreciated…ty!: :slight_smile:

NAGISO Ver - nagios-3.0b3
Plugin Ver - nagios-plugins-1.4.7


You have to make sure the windows.cfg file exists. I ran into this too. They are assuming you are going to put your windows machines in that cfg file and it isn’t created during the install, at least on my install. just touch windows.cfg in the configs dir and you should be fine.


hi!thanks! i resolved the issue by adding “allhosts” on hosts. now my problem is monitoring a windows machine, my nagios window displays “connection refused” on windows host’s status.wat seems to be the problem?