Configuration file nagios.cfg not found. Exiting


Hello There I’m finish installing and configuring Nagios 3.0.5 and the prefilght check went all fine.
When I type in the start for the service Im receiving the following error:

[root@host ~]# service nagios start
Configuration file /root/nagiosinstall/nagios-3.0.5//etc/nagios.cfg not found. Exiting.

The service start is picking the wrong path to the config file. Where do I change this? Do I need to re-compile?

Please this is the only thing I need to start working with Nagios, I really appreciate your help.


I’ve just re-install everything and I’m receiving the same error. Please people, I’ve been stock for 3 days with this issue I’m starting to feel frustrated… :frowning:
I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!


DONE!! I found it!!!
I opened the /etc/init.d/nagios file and found that the prefix= variable was bad cofigured, with a bad path
I’m leaving this comment here just in case some elese runs into this problem.
Thanks anyway!