Configuring email notifications


Hello everyone,
I need a kind help. I have some hosts and are kept under hosts.cfg file and the same file contains other hosts that are not related to the previous. And i need to notify by email about the status of hosts that are of different category kept under same file(hosts.cfg). I have tried but i always get the emails for every hosts that are under hosts.cfg. How to configure for the specific host under the same file?

Kindly waiting for helps ASAP…



nagios notifies for a problem… not if a host is in a config file…
what are you trying to do exactly?


dear Luca,
I want to notify host problems with different messages. Just like i have got 30 hosts lets say and 10/10/10 are grouped in diff category. Now i need to notify these host problem accordingly the group with different notification alerts by email.
I have put all these host in a single cfg file but the alert i have received is from all host in the same email address. i need to notify group wise alert notification in different email addresses.

How to get started?



create different host-notify-by-email commands and assign them to the hostgroups.