Contacts and contact groups


We’re slowly working our way off of IPMonitor and moving to Nagios for our monitoring. So far things are going great, and we’re getting down to the point of just tweaking a few things. We have a general e-mail address for our IT team that I stuck in as the contact for notify-by-email. That’s fantastic, and working. I have one person on our IT team that wants notifications sent to his phone as text messages for some of the services we watch. I’ve defined a second contact and a second contact group in my contacts.cfg file, I’m just not quite positive how to use them. I assume when I’m defining the service itself, I can specify to send to both contact groups, but am just looking for some guidance on how that gets done. If anyone can point me towards the section I should be hunting through in the docs that would be great.


Poking through the Docs, I found the section that provided enlightenment. gave me all the different arguments I could plug into the device{} statement. In there I found contacts and contact_groups. I could have just put in the two contact addresses, but I used contact_groups instead since I’d added him to his own little group, so that was already in place. If I need to go back to it, I figure that will also help jog my memory on the ability to define different contact groups. As we grow, I might run into a situation where some people are responsible for some servers and others are responsible for others, so having the ability to separate out those notifications is useful. I solved my issue and just wanted to toss the solution out there for everyone.