Correct string not found


**I have manage to fix this with change in win_services.cfg:

I use now:
check_command check_http_2!“[1].nvoSwitch_1%23state&UID=root,PW=root”!“state=0”

But now I have problem with this Nagios Warning :
“HTTP WARNING: HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden”


Any proposal?**


I have one issue with



I’m not sure of what the problem is from, but here’s what you could try:
-add the argument -S to your command; it forces check_http to use SSL (as your web page is in https).
-also, 403-Forbidden can also come from the fact you didn’t provide a user/password. Does your web page ask you a login/pass when you open it with your web browser ? if so, you may try to add the login/pass in your url:
USER:[email protected]/sys/var … m_1.LC0800.[1].nvoSwitch_1%23state&UID=root,PW=root
=> but be aware, if that works, that your credentials will be in clear text in your conf files…


Thank you!

Yes. After I have add


Now I see that problem is somewhere else. Because if I look for



I think problem is in WEB server result. Because when url is given server check on