Could not fetch information from server


I have installed nagios and currently monitoring 2 servers one windows and other my nagios machine.but when i click the service status i can see 7 warning from my windows machine and one unknown error from my linux machine.error is Usage:check_procs -w -c -m metric] -s state] -p ppid].



Did you get this sorted?


no dear…its not solved till now…


A couple of questions:

Are you running Nagios on either of the machines being checked or a third one?

Have you configured the NSClient on the Windows machine correctly to receive Nagios requests?

Are all the appropriate ports open on the Windows machine and the Linux machine?

Is the Windows firewall running on the Windows machine?

Is the firewall up on the Linux machine?

I notice from you screenshot that you are running Red Hat. Is the Linux machine your monitoring running Red Hat as well? In so Are you utilyzing SELinux? If not, what Linux distro are you running?

Have you NMAP’ped both hosts to check for port availability?

Let me know :frowning: