Crazy kewl idea

Hey forum dwellers. Lemme start off with a big thanks to Evert for hosting this awesome fourm and all of the people who hang out here and help out us noobs. Y’all kick much ass.

I had this crazy idea. Maybe it has already been done? Let me know if you have any suggestions.

So, we use a Motorola TALKABOUT pager to receive notifications on host / service status changes. As some of you probably know a talkabout is a pager that flips open with a full keyboard so you can respond to text messages / emails.

I am wondering if there is a way to tell nagios via email, or sms that a server status change has been acknowledged so it will stop paging / not escalate.

Basically, lets say one of our less important hosts drops on Saturday night and I am out at the pub. I know that no one will notice the host down till Monday anyway so I just ignore the page. The way I am currently set up, the pager will keep going off every 15 mins (seems like a lot, but I like lots of loud noise and often miss it). I’m thinking it would be uber kewl if I could either respond to the notification, email another address, or sms a sumpthin that would acknowledge the status change and add the content of my response to the host / service notes…

Thoughts / suggestions?

A small palm system with a browser would do better i think. And make you less work :smiley:


True that. Unfortunatly, I work for a small non-profit. I kinda doubt they would go for that.

ouch… That in fact IS a problem :slight_smile:
I suppose you should write something checking inbound emails… parsing the contects and then set the nagios.cmd file to acknowledge and alert…
This has a back side… you would have a copuple of security problems… well checking for from address and possibly the IP of the originating server shoudl be safe enough… but still there could be problems which should be considered :slight_smile:
Should you get it to work let us know. it sure is interesting :slight_smile: