Create Ticket if Ganglia threshold is exceeded


Hi, I am using Nagios in conjunction with Ganglia using the script. I do see alerts if a given threshold is exceeded and it even sends out emails if a critical threshold is exceeded. In the same vein I want to know how Nagios can be configured to create a ticket by calling a java API. So if critical threshold is exceeded then it should do two tasks, send email (which it already does) and then create this trouble ticket.


There are a couple ways to do what you suggest.

First you can create a new contact with a different command specified for the ‘service_notification_commands’ setting. Then you just define the command to call your API as you would any other command in Nagios.

Another option you have is event handlers. See … dlers.html for details. If you aren’t already using these this is probably the easiest thing to do.


Thanks a bunch for the response.