CRITICAL in $SERVICEOUTPUT$ not changing service status


Hello all

I’m writing a custom plugin for monitoring Domino servers and I’m doing a bit of proofing to make sure everything works as expected before continuing further development. I am having an issue though. A test service check using my plugin is returning the string “BLANKCHECK CRITICAL” and this is appearing in the “Status Information” in the services panel however I was expecting the string “CRITICAL” to change the service status to “CRITICAL” but it’s not, it’s saying as “OK” and I don’t understand why.

I’ve cloned the check_local_users command as far as possible to make this work but it’s just not happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated,


********** FIXED ******************

Ignore this, I’m an idiot, I didn’t read the docs properly. I didn’t realise had to return a return code too.