Crticial weird problem - Nagios configuration randomly flaps


Hi guys,

We need your help, we realized that our nagios is experiencing a very strange problem. The fact is that the configuration for the notifications (and other parameters like flap detection, etc.) for the services are changing randomly when a check goes to a critical status each few seconds.

There is not any rare entry on the log file, so no external command is doing that. Our version is 3.0.1 and using NRPE, NDO, PNP, and NSCA plugins (we tried also to stop all these plugins, but not change on the result).

Attached you can find some pictures.

Do you have some suggestions? Is very critical for us at this moment!

Thanks in advanced!


check that you only have ona instance of nagios running. This problem usually happened (possibly it has never been fixed) when using “nagios restart”.

try stopping nagios, wait a couple of seconds ans search for nagios processes, kill them and restart.