Custom Status Map Image Problems


I’ve added hostextinfo.cfg as follows:

define hostextinfo{
host_name theHost
icon_image win40.png
icon_image_alt Windows Server
vrml_image win40.png
statusmap_image win40.gd2

And I see the windows graphic on the host pages, but not on the status map. Even when I hover over the node on the status map the pop-up displays the graphic, but the node itself has just the blank square. The server’s GD version is 2.0.34 and file permissions seem correct since the png’s show fine.

Do you have any troubleshooting ideas?



I have exactly the same problem. I can see the status map but the host image is only a white box. When I hover by the host the pop-up displays the correct icon, I think from the icon_image directive.
In the other cgi’s the icons are displayed correctly so the problem is in the statusmap_image directive or with the gdlib. But is strange because I can see the map, but not the icons…

Can anybody help on this?

Thank you


rather than messing about with your gd packages, i’d just use the .png for the statusmap_image too. You don’t have to use gd2. open it up in gimp and save as .png, png supports transparency and all that other stuff you want, and statusmap will render it nicely.


Yes, I forgot to say that I tried to use .gd2, .gif and .png files but the result is the same… I just can’t see the images :frowning:


OK, problem solved! As always, the problem was user’s stupidity, in this case me :smiley:
I had a bogus misconfiguration on the physical_html_path directive. I can see the images now!!!

Thanks MP for the help.


hahah! it’s always something stupid like that eh. ah well