Daisy Chaining NRPE Calls


Can this be done, if so how?

I am in a situation where some of the sites that I will need to monitor are sitting behind a socks proxy v5 system. I have access to this system but it is a windows box. Both Dante and TSocks failed to actually establish a connection correctly (im still a linux newbie when it comes to this stuff). I have spent a couple of days thinking about this and experiementing plus many hours of searching.

What I want to do is to call the nrpe client on the proxy machine which then on calls the nrpe client of the machine I want the check run on. Is there a better way?


blech, that problem sucks! if the proxy was a linux box you could just daisy chain the nrpe commands. you’re going to have to configure the proxy to forward requests for port 5666, or if that’s not possible, you might actually have to install a distributed nagios process on a box behind the proxy to do all that sites checks for you, then NSCA back to your central nagios box. not sure if that’s a feasable option though.

other than that i’m not sure, i’d have ideas if it was a linux proxy box