Data mining of Nagios


My boss has requested that I retrieve the raw service check data from Nagios. I have been having trouble finding this. Anyone know where the raw data from the service checks is stored? Anything would be helpful.

an example of the specific data I am looking for:

1184008686----Linux001----Load----WARNING - load average: 1.73, 1.99, 9.22


Just to be more specific. My boss want me to get the delta over time of the various checks. Specifically for the load averages. Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you know of a way without doing a manual data mining. Please let me know. They want something more specific that the graphs that you can add into Nagios.


nagiosgrapher is the solution of your trouble. the most precisly way is using cacti for displaying the graphs rrd2graph also is a good solution as far as I remember…



I was actually looking for the data itself. I believe I have found it in some rrd files, I just need a good way to extract it.

Making graphs was not actually the issue, I already have that functionality setup. What my boss wants is the raw data from the rrd files, so that it can be manipulated and fed into formulas giving overall dekta network stats for all of our systems (broken down by various classes of system). In simpler terms, my boss wants more complex numbers that what already exist in Nagios as is.

So I guess the better thing I need is a better way to extract the data from the rrd file.

Thanks for the reply though.