Debian install won't start

Greetings. First of all, I have a running nagios install on a seperate debian box that is running peachy and monitoring 500+ hosts.

Problem is, it will fail quietly and no one knows til we notice it is stale or not sending msg’s. We have decided to setup a backup nagios box to monitor the nagios box. This new box is a debian stable install and installs just fine. However… it will not start via the /etc/init.d/nagios script. If I run nagios from the cli via /usr/sbin/nagios -d /etc/nagios/nagios.cmd it will start just fine and behave.

There are no errors when running the init script and I am unsure where to continue with this. Any suggestions?

Sounds like you installed via an rpm package. Before we spend alot of time on this, why not try the source install.

looks much like the problem i have since installing 2.0bx versions… nagios looks ok but some check hangs and stops everything?


Well, that makes 2 votes against using the beta then right? Anyone having trouble with the beta should think about just how stable v1.2 is. I’ve never seen it mysteriously crash, hang, crab cpu, etc.

trying to work it out in the other thread… hope to find something soon. have a frind working on another big install with the same misterious problem :slight_smile:

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