Decrypt Eapol Packet


Hello all,

I am newbie to using Wireshark. Unfortunately, I am being expected to be a pro with wireshark but with no training, book etc. So I have 2 questions for the group.

  1. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to learn the basics? Know a good site to get the wireshark book for a cheap price?

  2. How do you decrypt the eapol packet? I can see all 4 packets, but I am still having trouble decrypting the packets. Any suggestions??

Triple J



You’re referring to the Wireshark book. Surely there’s more than one on the market?

Is the Wireshark book Wireshark Network Analysis: The Official Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Study Guide?

Lemme see… List price $99.95, but selling for as cheap as $48.18 (incl. shipping) when I checked just now, according to AddAll.

I hope that helps a bit?


Thank you for the website reference.