Define service for hostgroup but i want exclude 1 host

i have define a service for more hostgroup but i would like not do the check for one of the host

how do that ?? is it possible ??

From what I understand of Nagios, first you should define the hosts you want to check, then you define the services for each host ( here you leave out the service for xxx host ), and finally you define the hostgroup.

This is true, but that’s just one way to define services for your hosts. You can also use host groups in your services.cfg file…

I don’t know if you can specifically exclude one host from a hostgroup on this service…but it’s still possible to acheive the desired effect. Perhaps the quickest way to do this would be to create another host group, of which this excluded host is no part. If you’ve got a lot of hosts in this hostgroup, you could do a cut/paste-type deal.